Fertile Eggs

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Fresh fertile organic eggs .

Do you have a broody hen and no rooster? Perfect for school projects or if you want to hatch them as pets or for meat.

Free range chickens that have never tasted added hormones , but have seen lots of sun shine and fresh air laid these beautiful eggs in a variety of colors; most are brown, but we try to include at least one or two eggs of other colors including blue, green, white and speckled.

Our chickens have full run of the back 40 and as an added treat get garden scrapes and all the bugs they can catch. The yolks are bright orange with out any added dyes due to the fresh veggies and grass that these birds eat. Taste the difference true free ranging makes.

The hens are a mix of Red Star, Wyandotte, Ameraucana, Plymouth Barred Rocks, Red Rock and Buff Orpingtons. The rooster is a Rhode Island Red mix. Please give me a couple of days notice as I’m usually sold out. . Thank you.

Fertile hatching eggs

Please note that I cannot guarantee that the eggs with hatch because there are too many factors that will determine that. I can guarantee that the eggs are fertile. My rooster is very active and I have been able to incubate successfully myself.


Please call ahead … 562 448-3126 Jo






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