It’s Hot here

Treat ideas for helping your chicks or chickens to stay hydrated:

– Watermelon (or other melons) cut in small chunks or just cut it in half – they love it.
– Freeze sliced or chopped tomatoes and then serve them on a flat plate or platter (if
your grow you own you probably have plenty to spare)!
– Grapes – cut up in small pieces if they’re for chicks.
– Cucumbers, sliced small.
– Blueberries, sliced if for chicks.
– Strawberries, sliced if for chicks.
– Ice cubes with herbs like parsley, basil, marigold petals, bits of fruit frozen in them.
– Lettuce chopped (for chicks), torn apart or left or whole floating in water.
– Fresh grass and other greens chopped up and floating in cold water.
– Some of their favorite treats can be frozen in ice cubes – get CREATIVE!


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    What areas of homesteading/self reliance are you working on?

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